Who is God?

God is the creator

God, the creator of everything, visible and invisible, physical and spiritual, living and non living, thus the creator also of us human beings, alone knows best, for which purpose we are created—as he created us. If we believe this, then we have to seek the sense and aim of our life at him because only he can guide us in it.
This raises the next question: who is God? There are hundreds of religions, all speaking about god or gods in various ways, describing it, him, or them in various ways, referring to holy scriptures with different teachings and philosophies. How can one find the true God, the true teaching, the true holy scripture? Or are they all the same, and it does not matter in which god we believe? This answer would certainly not be acceptable for someone who seeks God seriously. There are certain things which we can know about God simply by using our human intelligence.

God is not a creature

If we believe that God is the creator of the whole universe then he cannot be of the same human nature as his creatures but must be above them. Heroes from the mythology, who are depicted with supernatural features, or wise teachers of former centuries or even of our present time are also only human beings in spite of their special qualities. They have their natural limitations in time and space, even if it seems that they are able to perform things which normal, simple human beings are not able to. They died or will die, they are exposed to diseases and weaknesses. If they themselves are creatures, how can they be put on the same level with their creator, whose handiwork they are. How can we worship them as God, if they are of the same nature as us, they are also only specks of dust in front of God the creator.

There is only one God

God is ONE and we have to seek to understand and know Him. This is the purpose of our existence. God created us and we are not supposed to create gods for ourselves according to our taste. It is not our choice whom we want to worship as god. This is great pride and shows that man does not want to submit to the real God to fulfill His will but he wants to create gods for himself and in this way he can do what he wants: he is not obliged to submit to the true God but he can choose a god which matches his own preferences, way of thinking and lifestyle. This is why there are so many religions, so different from one another (even if there are some similarities).

God is perfect

God is perfect. Perfection does not only mean that in His created world (i.e. nature) everything works in a perfect order and harmony, which we human beings have not been able to comprehend entirely throughout the history of mankind even with the most highly developed scientific methods and technical means. Perfection also means moral perfection, absolute goodness, righteousness, purity and holiness.
Then the question occurs: can those idols which are worshiped as gods be regarded as perfect?
If we consider the stories about them, we can see that they themselves are surrounded by imperfection and various sins. Some stories report of anger, revenge, hatred, rivalry, lies, immorality etc. Persons who have lived recently or are still alive, such who are considered gods, are honoured because of some special abilities or their knowledge which they display on special occasions. But little (or nearly nothing) is known about their personal lives. This is usually not made public. Their luxurious lives, however, also testify of a great lack of modesty and sympathy with the poor.
By considering a mere human being as god, we take away the honour from the ONE and ONLY real God and destroy our relationship with Him. If we want to know Him and be close to Him, we have to be clear about who He is and must not give the glory of the Creator to created beings, even if they have abilities or characteristics which we do not have.

God is an example for us

As God Himself is perfect, pure and holy, He can be an example for us human beings so that we may also live holy lives, abstaining from sin. Every religious person would agree that purity, righteousness and holiness are virtues which man has to strive for. However, if the gods themselves give such examples, how can they be models for us? Worshipping them gives a false feeling of satisfaction: “I do not have to have a bad conscience if I lie sometimes if it happened also to the gods.”

God is the judge

The reality, however, is that everyone will have to give an account on the day of judgment to our Creator who is perfect, sinless, pure and holy. We will have to stand in the light of His holiness and there will be no excuse. He calls us to turn away from the man-made idols who cannot help us change our lives, and to turn to Him and receive his grace to become like Him: pure and holy.

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