Priorities in life

Why is it nec­es­sary to take time to think about the sense of our exis­tence, about the aim of life, about God? Why is it not enough to think about our phys­i­cal exis­tence, about the dai­ly food, clothes, shel­ter, job, stud­ies, fam­i­ly, mar­riage etc.

The list is long and, sure­ly, every­one has lots of things which his mind is filled with so that there is no space any more for the things men­tioned above. Things which we can see, hear, touch seem to be more impor­tant because they con­cern our phys­i­cal exis­tence, the phys­i­cal real­i­ty. How­ev­er, we see that there are lots of peo­ple who do not have to wor­ry about all these things, and still they are not sat­is­fied. Some­thing is miss­ing even though they seem to have every­thing which they need for an abun­dant phys­i­cal life. This is a clear hint that the phys­i­cal things are not every­thing. They are vis­i­ble and more tan­gi­ble but there are also oth­er things which belong to the reality—to the invis­i­ble, eter­nal real­i­ty. Even if they are not vis­i­ble and do not con­cern so direct­ly our phys­i­cal exis­tence, they are still part of the real­i­ty and as they are invis­i­ble and eter­nal, they can give such con­tent, sense and aims to our lives which are eter­nal and far above that which earth­ly things can give.

That is why we should not be indif­fer­ent towards them, and should not be short-sight­ed­ly focused only on what we see, but we should seek the deep­er sense of life, we should give time for spir­i­tu­al things and God, who is the Lord of the vis­i­ble and invis­i­ble world.

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