Priorities in life

Why is it necessary to take time to think about the sense of our existence, about the aim of life, about God? Why is it not enough to think about our physical existence, about the daily food, clothes, shelter, job, studies, family, marriage etc.

The list is long and, surely, everyone has lots of things which his mind is filled with so that there is no space any more for the things mentioned above. Things which we can see, hear, touch seem to be more important because they concern our physical existence, the physical reality. However, we see that there are lots of people who do not have to worry about all these things, and still they are not satisfied. Something is missing even though they seem to have everything which they need for an abundant physical life. This is a clear hint that the physical things are not everything. They are visible and more tangible but there are also other things which belong to the reality—to the invisible, eternal reality. Even if they are not visible and do not concern so directly our physical existence, they are still part of the reality and as they are invisible and eternal, they can give such content, sense and aims to our lives which are eternal and far above that which earthly things can give.

That is why we should not be indifferent towards them, and should not be short-sightedly focused only on what we see, but we should seek the deeper sense of life, we should give time for spiritual things and God, who is the Lord of the visible and invisible world.

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