The real aim in life

Have you ever asked your­self the ques­tion, “Where am I going?” Is your aim in life one, or per­haps sev­er­al, of the signs in the pic­ture below? Have you thought about whether that’s every­thing life is about?
Signposts pointing in different directions

Where am I going?

We are sur­round­ed by many offers which claim to give ful­fill­ment to our lives. But what they can give us is only a tem­po­rary and nev­er a real, per­ma­nent aim in life. Only a per­ma­nent aim can ful­fill our deep long­ing for ever­last­ing joy and peace. The offers of this world are short-lived and they will pass away. There­fore we should look for the answer beyond this world, which means to look for God. God cre­at­ed us and knows what is best for us. Because He is eter­nal He can grant us per­ma­nent fulfillment.

Let’s see how Jesus puts it:

Do not store up for your­selves trea­sures on earth, where moth and rust destroy …

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