The real aim in life

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Where am I going?” Is your aim in life one, or perhaps several, of the signs in the picture below? Have you thought about whether that’s everything life is about?
Signposts pointing in different directions

Where am I going?

We are surrounded by many offers which claim to give fulfillment to our lives. But what they can give us is only a temporary and never a real, permanent aim in life. Only a permanent aim can fulfill our deep longing for everlasting joy and peace. The offers of this world are short-lived and they will pass away. Therefore we should look for the answer beyond this world, which means to look for God. God created us and knows what is best for us. Because He is eternal He can grant us permanent fulfillment.

Let’s see how Jesus puts it:

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy …

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